Hassan Amin – Member of the Afghanistan national football team

Hassan Amin a member of the Afghanistan national football team. My parents flew about 30 years ago from Afghanistan to Germany, and I was born there. 
Since I‘m 5 years old, I play football in a club.

I started playing football for the Afghanistan national football team in a tournament in the Maldives in year 2014 and in 2015 at the age of 24 I visited Afghanistan for the very first time through the national team. I got to see Kabul, the city, where my parents grew up and spent their youth.

On the one hand, I had a very special feeling and on the other hand, disappointment flowed into my heart; I was expecting to see a build up Afghanistan with secure streets and at least a little happiness after the existence of the NATO for 14 years in the country. I thought 14 years must

be enough to convey some immense changes to Afghanistan, but I‘ve confronted a lot of drugs addicted, children and youngsters who were peddling on the streets instead of being in schools to earn some money to feed their families. During my stay in Kabul, there were many suicide attacks as well.

Among all the grief and pain, I witnessed a tremendous enthusiasm about sport, especially football. Our people gave the team a very warm welcome. They call us heroes of the country. It’s an absolute honor for me to be called a hero by my nation, but I assign this title to our policemen and soldiers, the real heroes who risk their lives every day for a peaceful Afghanistan.

I know, football cannot change the situation and security in Afghanistan, but at least it contributes to some daily routine changes and I get an indescribable feeling while seeing the people happy, hopeful and celebrating all together after decades of war during the match. My aim is to bring a 90 minute of joy, happiness and hope with every match I play for my land and people”

Hassan Amin, 27, Germany

Updated: 30. June 2019 — 18:08

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