Modern man, the rest of the chain of thousands of names and race on earth. Thousands of our tribe and race. We continue the same old path. We're Abstract of several different race. Now we know it or not. Truth does not change. We have thousands of brand culture and traditions we have experienced so far. We continue the series of Dmym. No one can change anything about this fact. Those were very long time in this part of the earth, can not claim to be # Aryan. Or can not say their land was # Khorasan and not Khorasani. We can not deny your past and deny our identity. We call it the 'current identity Bnamym` in fact, a continuation of the past identity. A close eye on the sun, does not mean that there is no sun. Rejected and denied identity with the past is not past destroyed and ignored. Identity based on the community and society, is constantly changing. If its "Afghan" know well what the truth is not reduced. No matter what they face, we face the same direction Frdayym past. No one can guarantee that "Afghan" intentions, people's permanent identity. This is an illusion. Live in tomorrow, is something new under the arm. who knows? Earth has experienced thousands of civilization and empire and cosmopolitanism. However, any "imposition" of durability is not. Can not survive. Life is not static. We can never honor for yesterday, today we stopped and life altering. Such a thing, is not nothing but mockery and regret. We can not say 'We are Afghan. " We can not look the facts (albeit conventional) wearing community. Most important of all, nobody can be certain - no one can guarantee that tomorrow "Afghan" will be ...

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